1st Break: Breakbeat Crew, Moscow DJ

1st Break is a Russian electronic band composed of 3 musicians: Alexey Nikiforov, Ilgiz Shamsiev, Alina Osipova. Since 2001 they have been releasing Breakbeat, Drum & Bass and Glitch Hop music.

Alexey Nikiforov is the founder of the project, a musician and DJ.

Alina Osipova is the voice of the project.

Ilgiz Shamsiev is the sound producer.

Having taken tight control of almost all the clubs in the Moscow region, 1st Break team expanded their presence in significant events in the centre of Moscow, and a year later, most of the Russian cities and the CIS countries. In 2006, they made their first release on the Stepsine label.Besides their performance in clubs, 1st Break team introduced their music to the two largest radio stations in Moscow and St. Petersburg (Megapolis and Record FM), as well as to the radio stations of several large cities in Russia and abroad. In October 2006, their music was played on the US radio waves in the State of Louisiana, where they treacherously recruited American youths into the breaks movement. Back home, they were in charge of a strict  music selection on Promoradio (the largest promodj portal for DJs and musicians), as well as on Big Beat Radio.

In 2007, they reaffirmed their authority in the Moscow regional DJ Battle. Until 2011, they had two permanent performance venues: Dub club / Msk - Tunnel ex. Underground club / SPb. They are residents of the "We Are The Breaks" Moscow parties, held by the Unstoppable Operationz group and Breakbeat Zone (BBZ Records). 

Recently, there has been a close cooperation with the foreign Ayra Recordings label, and the release of "Lost Contact \ Glitch" was made in April 2015. As a result of cooperation with the Spanish clan Selecta Breaks, on July 11, 2016 the release of 1st Break - Kaliningrad E.P. was made, which for several weeks was on top of the Beatport Breaks Charts. The release included 2 songs: Sunset and Never Be.

In 2018 1st Break released 2 collabs:

  1. An official remix for Hyper. Track “Hold The Line” was made with big Russian artist DAVIP / Ayra recordings.

  2. 1st Break & DM - Confusion (Bombtrax records / USA).

As well  as 2 drum and bass remixes for

Robert Miles - Children, Kaleo - Way down you go.

In 2018, 1st Break launched a new series of parties for the Moscow breakbeat movement called SHIFT MOSCOW, which instantly gained popularity in the capital city and became the only meeting place for all modern and high-quality electronic music fans.

In the meantime, the 1st Break team promotes breakbeat music among Russian youth, remixing tracks by Max Korzh and uploading them to Vkontakte and Souncloud. Best of Max Korzh remixes in Breaks, Breakbeat, Drum&Bass, 2Step styles.