Tour Rider

All issues related to the stay of 1st Break, the Host Party should discuss only with the Tour Manager without the presence of the Team. Both Parties undertake to fulfill obligations, according to the specified conditions.


The Host Party provides two-way flight tickets or railway tickets (if travel time takes not longer than 10 hours): first class compartment or coupe.
The Host Party provides at their own expense meeting 1st Break in Moscow and in the host city and their escort by car to the hotel.
By the arrival of the Team the car should be clean, with a full tank filled and with an empty trunk. Same one car for the whole time of stay, with the same driver.

The car must be at the disposal of the Team.


There should be one of the best hotels, not less than 4 stars ****. 
Luxe Suite or Junior Suite with a large bed. 
By the Team's arrival at the hotel, rooms should be already paid, and all necessary documents filled out.
There should be rooms with all conveniences, necessarily including hot water, telephone, TV, and a heater during the cold season. 


Three meals per day in the restaurant of the first or highest category, with a choice of vegetable, fish and meat dishes.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner time should be coordinated with the Team's Tour Manager.


The sound check time is to be agreed with 1st Break at least 2 hours before the start of the event.
There should be massive and stable on stage table for the musical equipment.

2 PIONEER 2000 players. 
PIONEER DJ controller 800 or of a similar configuration.
1 radio microphone. 
2 monitors with maximum power on both sides of the table. 
Smoke machine, strobe lights and lighting equipment. 


By the Team's arrival to the performance venue there should be a dressing room. 
The dressing room should be clean. 

During the presence of the DJ on stage there should be no unauthorized persons!


Security should be provided upon the Team's arrival and during their stay in the city.


During performance there should be no other persons on the stage besides the Team and Organizing Party


All issues connected with the media are to be agreed in advance.

In case of non-fulfillment of the above mentioned conditions, 1st Break reserves the right to change the performance time, or delay the performance until the circumstances are clarified.